Hair Extensions FAQ

How Do You Match Extensions to a Clients Existing Color?

If you are blending colors choose extensions that are the same level of color as the clients own hair . If you are changing the level of the client’s hair choose a shade that works well with the skin tone. A coloring process can be done to the natural hair 48 hours prior to application and extensions can be matched to that also.

How Do You Customize Extensions for a Client With Thinning Hair ?

Use an extension with a smaller attachment bond and a single strand application process so the hair is not damaged and can hold the weight of the extension. This will give natural looking volume and length to thinning hair.

How Do You Match Hair Extensions for Clients With Curly Hair?

If a client with curly hair wants to wear their hair straight then nothing needs to be done to the extensions . If the hair is worn curly most of the time the extensions can be permed prior to attacment to the natural hair.


What type of hair extensions do you use?

Judy only uses Great Lengths all-natural hair extensions and prefers these extensions because they are created from 100% human hair and use a unique, application process that attaches a bond of protein the same molecular structure as your hair. This application process does not harm your own hair . While others use techniques such as welding,waxing, gluing or knotting,which strain your hair to a high degree Judy uses a much more gentle principle called modulating. An extremely high- tech method of bonding the hair strand to your own hair.Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for volumising, lengthening, colouring or simply adding texture; Judy will offer a free consultation guiding you through your new style. Whether creating a new look, following fashion or with a special occasion on the horizon. Judy’s hair extensions have over 55 colours to choose from and blend with your own hair for perfect colour matches.Most importantly your own hair will not be damaged and the extensions can be easily removed by an expert.

Can hair extensions damage my hair?

No, they will not. Actually, even very fine and damaged hair can become healthier if you’re wearing hair extensions because they will protect your hair from things that could damage it like curling irons, blow dryers, styling heat and environmental damage. Because of the unique application bonding system, the extensions can be easily removed. This is different than many hair extension methods that bond too tightly to your hair. Those old methods can lead to hair breakage when being removed. Judy’s La Jolla hair extensions are joined to your natural hair by using a safe, all-natural, keritin protein bond application system.

Will the hair extensions match my natural color?

Yes, the hair extensions are offered with custom hair color blending. With well over 55 natural, vibrant hair color options to choose from, it is possible to match just about any hair color. This will create the most natural and real-looking hair extension possible.

Are hair extensions uncomfortable?

Judy’s La Jolla Hair Extensions are applied to your hair with a very small bond of natural keritin protein. Most people don’t even notice a difference between the hair extensions and their own natural hair.

How do I maintain my extensions at home and between visits to the salon?

Judy is fully trained on how to educate her clients to professionally take care of their hair extensions at home. Judy will recommend hair care products, brushes, combs and appliances for use at home. Hairstyling is very similar to how you style your hair without extensions.

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